Two Tickets to Rehab

This has got to be the most embarrassing commercial for any out of date celebrity that sold out for one more minute of fame. Edward Joseph Mahoney aka Eddie Money was a Top 40 staple in the 70’s and 80’s with hits like “Baby Hold On”, “Shakin”, and “Think I’m in Love”. His greatest song is probably the catchy 1977’s smash hit “Two Tickets to Paradise”, which Money wrote about his girlfriend at the time. His girlfriend’s mother wanted her to marry a doctor or a lawyer, not a musician. Money wrote the song as a plea to take her away.

As with most 80’s icons, staying at the top is tough, and addiction to alcohol and drugs began to take it’s toll. “Take Me Home Tonight” and the aptly named “I Wanna Go Back” were his last hits in 1986, and Eddie faded away to a semi normal life, making appearances with his daughter and cashing in on his success.  It’s just too bad he didn’t stay there.

Geico Insurance commercials actually are a favorite of mine, their creative advertising agency has gone beyond the Cavemen and Gecko and actually produced a string of successful campaigns. Their latest involves well known icons finding nirvana like ideal situations. Christopher Columbus in speedboats, and Gallagher smashing watermelons at a farmer’s market. However this spot is just horrific.

The spot works for Geico, hell the Gallagher spot even works for Gallagher, but he was always pretty fucked up looking anyways. Eddie on the other hand, we have to ask the question on everybody’s mind. What the fuck happened?

Young Eddie Money
Before Drugs

Granted he’s no Brett Michaels, but in the 80’s this kinda stuff was common and he still tagged blondes like this into the 90’s!

It’s good to be Money

Life is rough, getting old sucks, and battling major addictions during said life only makes the outcome worse. Whoever is his publicist should be shot, the above photo is how I want to remember Eddie. Not this.

Drugs are bad mmmkay

I’m not the only one that feels bad for the way the commercial comes across, or notices the negative way he looks at least. The overwhelming question asked by viewers on the YouTube channel are asking when did he come to be afflicted with Downs Syndrome, or suffer a massive stroke. It’s not that kids, that’s years of hardcore drug and substance abuse, and if anything, hopefully that can be what comes out of this nightmare. Maybe, just maybe a young life will be saved.

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