The Golden Rings

Alright, we’re not a food blog here at White Devil, but we do love food. When something is done right, we want to make sure we give credit where it is due. A couple of nights ago we stopped into a local Long John Silver’s restaurant to pick something up quick. I remembered hearing about their new onion rings, and honestly anything had to be better than their fries.

The batter that is used for their fish and chicken has always been good, and it should have been a no-brainer to make onion rings…but this is the first time they’ve had them. Everybody loves the crunchies that are cast off during your meal.

The commercial isn’t an exaggeration, if you like onion rings, these are the best ever made. Makes you wonder why they never tried it before, but whoever came up with this new item for their menu deserves a HUGE pay raise. This may have saved the franchise. Despite the kid at the drive-thru window whose face is pockmarked by acne from the grease fog in the kitchen, we will go on the record and endorse Long John Silver’s Onion Rings as 100% White Devil approved!

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