How Should Han Solo Die

Cool Han Solo

So Harrison Ford wants to reprise his role as Han Solo in the new Star Wars trilogy hopefully coming soon. Entertainment Weekly has poised the question to their readers, “How Should Han Solo Die?”

Here’s what we want to see:

I think it should be because once the Rebels took power they outlawed Blasters. Han, still loving the badboy lifestyle, was hanging out playing some baccarat in Mos Eisley unarmed. Han got too tipsy, started talking shit about the Kessel Run and bragging about banging a Princess. Somebody didn’t like his attitude, a fist fight started. Meanwhile, Chewy was in the back with one of those dancing girls with the two long fleshy things coming out of her head…Han was kicking the guys ass until he pulled out a blaster…bye bye to one of the greatest heroes of the New Republic. Now only criminals and scum have blasters, thanks to the new laws.

Good job liberals….you just killed Han Solo

Jabba Loves Sluts Article can be found HERE

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