Who to Blame? Guns or Us?

So The New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik has decided that in light of 20 kindergarten children being gunned down today, that it’s the right time for American’s to have a serious discussion about Gun Control. The article can be read HERE. If you get through it without wanting to break Adams arm, after his patting his own back for having the Nostradamus like vision of foreseeing another American Tragedy, then give yourself 2 points.

Always a convenient time for the Gun Control nuts to come out. It’s kinda like the Global Warming crowd after a storm, or string of bad weather. Let me break it down to everyone.

People are frickin’ crazy, and crazy people, do crazy shit. That’s why it’s crazy. Not having a gun isn’t going to make them less crazy, only find another way to be crazy. Adam Lanza, the reported gunman at this time, was bat shit crazy. As being reported on Twitchy.com, those that knew Adam are tweeting non surprise at his actions.

Isn’t this just as shocking?

Here’s what we all need to do…you know that kid that lives on your street that you’ve seen torturing frogs, kicking cats, wearing a trench coat, piercing his face and putting a tattoo on his forehead that says “Daddy didn’t love me”? Keep an eye on his crazy ass. If you have tattoos, and piercings on your face…sorry, just like everyone that owns a gun, you’re now a potential psychotic. That’s just as insane as Mr. Gopnik’s conclusion that guns are responsible for killing people.While we’re at it, I just noticed that his name is Adam Gopnik. The shooters name is Adam Lanza. My God, everyone that knows Adam Gopnik please take safety in your bathroom, lock the doors and keep your cell phones handy, until we can verify that the coincidence of same names has nothing to do with people named Adam committing random shootings.

So what’s the solution? Banning all firearms? Arresting everyone named Adam? Closing all schools for creating a pool of children that could become a target? Moving everyone out of Newtown, Connecticut? Hell, move everyone out of Connecticut?

Where does it stop? When do we stop finding excuses, and destroying freedoms for everyone that lives peacefully in this country? When do we stop looking for excuses, and start taking responsibility?

 After the Aurora, Colorado shootings people started coming forward about how that assface, James Eagan Holmes, was always a weirdo, was a loner and crazy.  Reportedly he told a friend he wanted to shoot people 4 months before the event. Also, reportedly, he had a notebook with his writings, thoughts, plans, whatever that was mailed to his school. Nobody even bothered to read it. Seems like a cry for help. Ignored.

Seems to be a breakdown in society to me.

We live with our heads down, eyes focused on our phones, lost in our own cares, barely coherent of the world surrounding us. If we don’t see the psycho sitting across from us on the bus, then we don’t have to worry about whatever stupid shit he does later that day…or something. You know, like does a falling tree with nobody around actually make a noise. If I ignore the creepy kid, because I don’t want to say he’s creepy, because I don’t want people to think I’m bullying him because he’s different, then I can’t be responsible when he goes off…but I can tweet about it later and say “I knew you were creepy all the time!” Makes perfect sense!

Mr. Gopnik likes to point out that he’s tired of the same old arguments for our continuing the barbaric tradition of the Right to Bear Arms. Blah, blah, guns don’t kill people, people do…I know right? We must be idiots for thinking that way. I mean if it wasn’t for the gun that OJ used to slice Nicole Brown Simpson’s head off, she’d still be alive. Why with no guns..everyone would be safe. from…what? I’m sorry what happened? A man in China today, did what?

BEIJING — A knife-wielding man injured 22 children and one adult outside a primary school in central China as students were arriving for classes Friday, police said, the latest in a series of periodic rampage attacks at Chinese schools and kindergartens.

On the exact same day, another bat shit crazy asshole (let’s call them what they are) attacked children at a school in China. With a knife. So maybe we need to ban those too. No more knives! Except for Chef’s, so they can cut our steaks for us. Wait, while we’re at it, drunk driver’s kill people all the time, so, no more alcohol! But traffic accidents keep happening….so ok, no more cars! We’ll only use government supplied transportation! The world will become a safer, happier place! We will all live to be 90 years old, fat and happy, with many children and grand children.

What? You mean if we’re not fat, we could all live to be 100 years old?

That’s it! Ban stoves, refrigerators, cabinets, cookies, sodas, chips, anything to do with food..we’ll let the government supply us with exactly what we need to maintain a healthy balanced diet. After all, I trust them to balance the budget, what could possibly go wrong?

What’s that?

Fiscal Cliff you say?

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