Douchebag of the Month


Yes, Jim Carrey, one of my all time favorite comedic actors has escalated himself into Douchebag Status. $20 million dollars a film tends to lead famous people to detach themselves from reality. No Jim, I’m sure that not everything suddenly becomes easy, and life is a bed of roses with all that money. I’m sure there are some new issues to deal with, like to vacation in Greece for 3 weeks, or Hawaii? Should I eat the $100 steak, or the $200 lobster?

The fact you no longer have to worry about basic things, like so many of us “normal” people. You know, like hopefully I don’t lose my job because of a sudden illness or tragic event, which would lead to me not having a house, car, or money to feed my children. All them dollars wouldn’t be the answer. To have the feeling of protection, and security for the future, no matter what, is a huge deal to personal happiness.

Yes, you may not be able to find true love with an ex-Playmate…tough gig right? But I’m sure it isn’t that bad.

Also while we’re talking about Jim, let’s also give him some advice from some other foot in mouth comments he’s made. Entertain me Jim, don’t lecture me on how I should live my life, how money won’t bring me happiness, or question why I may or may not enjoy owning a gun. Finding my ‘Boing” is not a top priority in my life. I make do the best I can.  Don’t make me hate you. Avoid politics, avoid making political statements. I don’t care what you think about political issues or tragic events that occur in the world. If you want to say something like “Sorry for blah, blah, whatever”, that would be great, but keep your liberal, conservative, or insane views to yourself. I want to like you, but you’re making it hard.

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