Diane Lane Cast as Hillary Clinton?

In the BizzaroWorld known as Hollywood, a liberal love fest miniseries project about Hillary Clinton for NBC has somehow decided that Diane Lane will play the lead role. Let me repeat that. Diane Lane is going to play the role of Hillary Clinton.


Daine Lane
Daine Lane

Is going to play this


Sorry, wrong picture…I meant this

Hillary Clinton testifies
What’s the difference?

Diane Lane has been on my list since she was racing cars with Kenny Rogers in Six Pack. From that, she developed into one of the sexiest actresses (who can actually act) and has been cast in some of the screens sexiest roles. Unfaithful in 2002 with Richard Gere. The hot wife left at home by Mark Wahlberg in The Perfect Storm. Hell, she’s even the ultimate Cougar or MILF playing Superman’s Mom in Man of Steel!

But Hillary Clinton?         Really?

I’m hoping this is due to her incredible acting skills…that somehow, Diane Lane can be the ultimate chameleon, and transform herself into Mrs. Clinton. Who are they going to cast as Bill Clinton? Let me guess….George Clooney?

Which leads us to the whole concept of NBC pushing a miniseries about Hillary Clinton in the first place. Is there any doubt at all that it will be the ultimate fluff piece only meant to push her forward for the 2016 elections? What an incredible slap in the face to unbiased journalism, and more proof that the dreaded mainstream media is again pushing an agenda for the Democratic party. I’m hoping in the final part of the series they shed some light on what then Secretary of State Clinton was doing during the Benghazi attack. Will we learn who came up with the lies Susan Rice told the country? Will they show Hillary with the victims family, promising that the maker of that horrible video that led to their loss, will be found and held accountable, even though she knows that it had absolutely NOTHING to do with it?

This is beneath even you NBC.

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