Eleanor Holmes Norton Wants Her Money!

Here’s a great example of exactly what is wrong with our guvment..this Congresswoman, who btw is 76 years old and been doing this kind of stuff since 1991 probably, leaves a message to a lobbyist wondering why she hasn’t received any “donations” like the other members of the transportation board. After all she’s a senior member…and if anybody should be getting greased it’s her.

Want to know why we still use combustible engines that burn fossil fuels? Want to know why roads all over the country are in shoddy condition, and continuously being worked on with no end in sight? Want to know why the school system in this country is like that of a 3rd world? Want to know why despite all the amazing technological advances in the last 20 years…nothing has really changed?

Because of people like this that run our country as their personal job to make money for themselves with absolute no care what it does to the little people. She is above us all. We are no longer a democracy. We are an aristocracy, with self centered jackasses in the government with the belief that WE work for them.


Anybody that has been in office for longer than 2 terms needs to go!

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