R.I.P. Eric Northman?

The season finale for HBO’s Dramantasy, True Blood left fans with a big question about one of the major characters, Eric Northman. Alexander Skarsgård plays the Viking turned Vampire and has been a central character and draw for the series since the debut. The women love the 6’4″ Swede and the ending didn’t look good for his character.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.11.27 PM
I love you Jason Stackhouse!

Don’t fear ladies! TVLine is reporting that Eric will be back, and not just as some indiscernible goo. Although tanning nude in the snowy mountains of his homeland was a pretty damn good way for a Vamp to go (I guess). True Blood was picked up for a 7th Season, and hopefully with the time jump, they can get past this whole Billith story line, which jumped the shark many episodes ago. The new season kicks off next summer. Until then, here’s a picture of Eric from the first time he tried to go “Mainstream” pre-Fangtasia.


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