Twitter Mad – What the Twitter Woke Mob is Angry About Today

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is wrapping up and the Hot Takes and calling of racism are only escalating, as it seems the prosecution haven’t had many good days. As the feeling of an inevitable acquittal, on at least the heaviest charges, seems a sure thing, the rhetoric as to why the jury comes to that decision is the main discussion in Twitterverse.

First, Judge Bruce Schroeder forgot to silence his phone when court was back in session, and of course he got a call and now the world knows his choice of ringtone. The ringtone is “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. The song was first released in 1983, which of course makes it almost 40 years old. But that doesn’t stop people on Twitter claiming the song is a Trump anthem. It’s true that Trump plays the song before taking the stage at most of his rallies for the past couple of years, but it’s NOT a Trump song.

God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood

That doesn’t stop the Twitter Mob from proclaiming that from this day forward, that anyone playing that song is a White Supremacist, Racist, or even the dreaded Nazi.

How dare the Judge have a 40 year old song about the love of this country as his ringtone. He must be a racist if he loves this country. But wait..there’s more proof. He also has this on his bench

An American Flag Tissue Box? The horror! But wait, it gets worse!

At least we know Cox’s reply was dripping with sarcasm. The next day things heated up for the Judge from the Woke Mob. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a MAGA obsessed racist judge unfit for his position. What did he do? He hoped the Asian Food that was being delivered for lunch wasn’t stuck in the Long Beach Harbor where currently sit over 100 container ships waiting to be offloaded due to port shortages.

So the narrative was the racist Judge was making a “slow boat to China” reference which apparently is racist. Even though that’s not what he said, it was a dig at the failure of the current President’s policies leading to a supply shortage throughout the nation and a clog at the ports in California. Here are some other great Tweets about the Judge

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