New Football Rules Are Going To Ruin The Sport

This year in College Football a hit like this…is grounds for ejection.

This was THE play of the year..called a textbook tackle…won a frickin’ award, but now it will be not only a penalty, but grounds for ejection?

The culture of this country is being absolutely destroyed. I just don’t understand how much weaker we want everyone to be? The strongest survive is no longer accepted. The strong is now expected to lay back and give everyone an equal shot. People where the fuck did that concept come from and overtake reality?

Reality is this. We are NOT equal. We are NOT the same. None of us. Not everyone can WIN. Losing is not the end of life, you are supposed to learn from mistakes and failings. Applaud the victors, and winners for their triumphs…STOP hating them for being successful.

Lay off the only sport I can enjoy…please leave football alone.

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