The Return of Game of Thrones Season 4


Season 4 was kicked off last night, and another spin-off series may have been born. The Tyrion & Bronn Show was born during Season 3, with the idea of following the pair around the nightlife of King’s Landing visiting taverns and brothels. This season fans have already started clamoring for Arya & the Hound. The gruesome twosome travel the countryside clearing out Inns of troublemakers.

For a full recap of every episode this season don’t miss the always fun to read James Hibberd from HERE


You Chose Poorly

It’s the age old story. Boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy and girl have lunch at mall, new girl says hi, boy is confused, new girl flirts, girl gets upset, boy loses mind and follows penis, girl leaves, boy thinks he’s hit paydirt, new girl laughs and leaves, boy is alone. Happens all the time.



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