Millennials Killed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Let’s call it what it is. Another victim of the out of control #woke crowd.

From People

The news comes after the CEO of L Brands (the parent company of Victoria’s Secret) stated that network television wasn’t the “right fit” for the annual runway show and amid ongoing controversy about the lack of body diversity on the runway

The Red Wedding


The talk of the internet right now is the 9th episode of HBO’s Original Series, Game of Thrones, and with good reason! If you are a fan of Fantasy Fiction, George R. R. Martin is the pinnacle of the genre right now.  The A Song of Ice and Fire series of books have sold millions of copies. The one-hour television series on HBO has boosted the network ratings into the stratosphere. One of the most pivotal scenes of not only the series, but the books as well closed out the 9th episode of Season 3 Sunday night. Those that have read the books waited eagerly to see if what they envisioned, would be portrayed as they imagined. Non book readers had no idea what was coming, and I envied them, to a point. Let’s look at both…and enjoy them for being different, yet still both a work of art. First the Literary version:

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