Box Office Numbers 08/12/1983

40 years ago this weekend National Lampoon’s Vacation held off Stephen King’s new release about a sweet dog that needed a bath, Cujo. But look at that lineup. Risky Business, Return of the Jedi, Staying Alive, Trading Places, Jaws 3D, WarGames, Krull, Mr. Mom, Flashdance and Valley Girl hanging on for 4 months. The movie theater was just different back then. You went and watched a movie, in the theater, multiple times. You never knew when you might see it again, unless you had HBO.

Speaking of HBO in the 80’s, I see some classic spank bank movies that would be on late night. Valley Girl, Class, Private School and Porky’s II. We might have to do a deeper dive on some of those coming up.

Valley Girl
Private School
Porky’s 2 The Next Day

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